Kamba Wellness Rocks! I never heard of CBD before and I tried the 1000mg oil. I use it as I have so much going on and experience anxiety sometimes. It really helped and I also sleep so much better. Thank you!

Suyash A

I used 5 CBD drops lat night (under my tonque) and this am to prevent cramping. I just ran a 5k and it worked!

J. Lee

What I like about the 1000mg CBD oils is that it helps me with anxiety and arthritis giving me an overall sense of calm. I use the pain cream for my hip that I have been having problems with for a while. It helps me get through my day. THANK YOU

Gail B.

Not only was the representative very informative and helped me understand a lot, but it really worked on my son. He has suffered from many several mental health symptoms and he really likes taking it. I couldn't be any more happier with Kamba Wellness.

Anonymous Mother (video on file)

I highly recommend these oils and ointments. I'm a runner and a teacher and struggled with getting to sleep and staying a sleep. Once I started taking the CBD oil I always got the sleep I needed and stayed a sleep. Im also learning how to take the right amount to help with soreness and recovery from my training runs. I also want to mention how much the oils help me with my anxiety and calm me when I feel anxious.

Victoria P.

Being an over 50 athlete my body does not recover like it did in younger years. I was suffering from a hip injury after a mountain bike accident. Using this CBD product made all the difference in my recovery! I also noticed other things improving like sleep and noticeable focus and endurance. The thing I appreciate about this product is the no THC element, I can use it during the day our just before and athletic event and not feel the effects of THC. Excellent high quality CBD product with integrity!

Christine M.

I can't recall how many different CBDs I have tried until I settled on Kamba Wellness CBD. I have had issues with inflammation, anxiety and sleep. I use both the pain relieving cream and the 1000mg CBD oil and I still can't believe how much it has helped me out.

Ron W.

This company is so friendly and so family like, they help me get my wife what she needed. Countless of nights sleepless with anxiety, not only took a toll on her but also on me as a husband. My wife took the oil and in just 30 minutes was sound asleep like there was no tomorrow. I sleep like a baby as well. Thank you!!!

Damian H.

Y’all are so great. I have slept in my bed with my husband all night for the first time in years. Thank you!!

Kimberly RAWESOME!!!

I have been working out vigorously for the last 3 months. Two workouts a day for 88 days. I am in my 40s and my recovery time and the way my body regenerates after a hard workout has digressed with time. Miraculously, after taking KAMBA WELLNESS CBD OIL everyday during my training, I have no pain or inflammation. I sleep through the night and wake up energized. Due impart you the amazing results.... I can't wait to take my drops every morning and after my workouts. Thanks for your recommendations Roberto. (My knees thank you too!!)

Christian MonzonWow!!! This product is just that ...wow.

I started taking CBD oil 1000 mg (peppermint flavor) during the pandemic due to anxiety, it's allowed me to sleep better and I highly recommend it. Will buy again.

Angelica M

Absolutely stellar customer service. The attention to detail is phenomenal...as is the product. Really impressed with this company as a whole. Great prices, great customer service, great quality of CBD oil and great consistency. I mentioned great, right?

Rebecca DaigleReally Impressed With the Company!

This company is amazing! A family member has been using CBD oil for the past couple of months and it truly seems to be helping with his anxiety and other behaviors related to Autism spectrum disorder. The post office made a mistake and an order was delayed, when I contacted Kamba, they went above and beyond to make sure we received oil as quickly as possible. I will definitely recommend this company in the future.

Alicia RondeauThey Went Above and Beyond.

I have used a different brands CBD pain cream before I started using Kamba Wellness cream and the 1000mg oil. I find that both products are helping me with pain and my sleeping has improved since I started using the oil.

Gene WriteThe products are high grade!

The product is a decidedly higher grade than other products I've used, and the results are effective and reliable. This is definitely a company to watch.

Garrett McCarverEffective and Reliable

I have been buying CBD for myself for the last 3 months from, Kamba Wellness. I got a new kitten to be a companion to my older cat and my older cat didn't deal with the new addition to well. She wound up with patches of hair missing that I assumed she was pulling out. They sent me a bottle of their CBD for pets and I gave it to my older cat. Within three weeks the missing patches were completely grown back over. They are very knowledgeable in what they are offering if you need help and have nothing but the highest quality products. I recommend them highly to anyone.

The Georgia Web WarriorI recommend them highly to anyone!

Great customer service and honestly seems to be helping with my sleep and back pain issues.

Geoffrey LaneIt really works