Kamba Wellness Rocks! I never heard of CBD before and I tried the 1000mg oil. I use it as I have so much going on and experience anxiety sometimes. It really helped and I also sleep so much better. Thank you!

Suyash A

I used 5 CBD drops lat night (under my tonque) and this am to prevent cramping. I just ran a 5k and it worked!

J. Lee

What I like about the 1000mg CBD oils is that it helps me with anxiety and arthritis giving me an overall sense of calm. I use the pain cream for my hip that I have been having problems with for a while. It helps me get through my day. THANK YOU

Gail B.

Not only was the representative very informative and helped me understand a lot, but it really worked on my son. He has suffered from many several mental health symptoms and he really likes taking it. I couldn't be any more happier with Kamba Wellness.

Anonymous Mother (video on file)

I highly recommend these oils and ointments. I'm a runner and a teacher and struggled with getting to sleep and staying a sleep. Once I started taking the CBD oil I always got the sleep I needed and stayed a sleep. Im also learning how to take the right amount to help with soreness and recovery from my training runs. I also want to mention how much the oils help me with my anxiety and calm me when I feel anxious.

Victoria P.

Being an over 50 athlete my body does not recover like it did in younger years. I was suffering from a hip injury after a mountain bike accident. Using this CBD product made all the difference in my recovery! I also noticed other things improving like sleep and noticeable focus and endurance. The thing I appreciate about this product is the no THC element, I can use it during the day our just before and athletic event and not feel the effects of THC. Excellent high quality CBD product with integrity!

Christine M.

I can't recall how many different CBDs I have tried until I settled on Kamba Wellness CBD. I have had issues with inflammation, anxiety and sleep. I use both the pain relieving cream and the 1000mg CBD oil and I still can't believe how much it has helped me out.

Ron W

This company is so friendly and so family like, they help me get my wife what she needed. Countless of nights sleepless with anxiety, not only took a toll on her but also on me as a husband. My wife took the oil and in just 30 minutes was sound asleep like there was no tomorrow. I sleep like a baby as well. Thank you!!!

Damian H.