2oz Heart-Shaped Premium Hemp Bath Bombs


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All of our 2oz heart-shaped bath bombs are infused with high-quality isolate CBD. Use them all at once or savor the bliss in multiple baths or foot soaks.

HEAL. This bath bomb has a herbaceous and spicy aroma made with organic cypress essential oil. It relaxes the respiratory system, improves body circulation and calms the mind for peaceful rest.

RELIEVE. Indulge in the aroma of lavender mint with our tangerine essential oil in this bath bomb designed to help enhance the spirit of happiness in oneself by reducing stress and promoting calmness.

LOVE. Our white gardenia scented bath bomb is made with neroli essential oil. It is intended to promote positive energy and spirits while melting away stress.

RELAX. Mmmm. One of our favorite aromas of warm vanilla sugar made with grapefruit essential oil to help promote skin healing, balancing mood and helping increase blood circulation.

HOPE. Invigorate your senses with this bath bomb made with bergamot essential oil and the wonderful aroma of Mediterranean citrus. Will promote positive and peaceful thoughts by easing anxiety and fatigue.

PEACE. This bath bomb is intended to be a natural aphrodisiac that increases one’s spiritual and sensual life, which often leads to a peaceful state of mind. Enjoy the soothing, woodsy aroma that comes from our essential Sandalwood Rose oil.

Ingredients: 35mg CBD Isolate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, aqua, grape seed oil/sweet almond oil, coconut oil, dead sea salt, colorants, fragrance, SLSA, essential oils (may contain polysorbate 80 & cream of tartar)

Don’t forget to wipe down your tub after each bath or soak 🙂

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