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Relax With Our Collection of CBD Bath Products

You need not look any further if you’re on the search for CBD bath bombs. Kamba Wellness is one of the best online providers of CBD bath products. We sell CBD bath bombs with six unique fragrances and CBD bath salts in five premium formulas.

We designed each formula for a soothing experience while you soak. With our special formula, we offer high-quality hemp-to-home bath bombs and hemp oil bath salts.

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Discover the best way to relax with Kamba Wellness CBD bath products. Ranging from hemp bath salts to hemp bath bombs, our collection of CBD bath products is all you need to make your stay-at-home day a spa day.

Our premium CBD bath salts and CBD bath bombs contain high-quality CBD isolate. We provide six scent options, each with its own essential oil formula for a unique home spa experience. Check out our hemp to home bath bombs and hemp oil bath salts.

Check Out Our Range of CBD Bath Bombs

Kamba Wellness CBD bath bombs all weigh 2 oz with top-quality CBD isolates. Each of our heart-shaped hemp bath bombs contains 35mg CBD isolate and various essential oils. Note that some formulas may contain polysorbate 80 and cream of tartar, which may trigger allergic reactions.

  1. HEAL: Our HEAL CBD bath bombs offer a herbaceous and spicy aroma combined with organic cypress essential oil.
  2. HOPE: These Mediterranean citrus-scented hemp bath bombs contain bergamot essential oil.
  3. LOVE: Our gardenia-scented LOVE bath bomb formula contains neroli essential oil as you enjoy your time in the tub.
  4. PEACE: Our PEACE CBD bath bombs contain essential sandalwood rose oil, providing a soothing, woodsy aroma for your spa day.
  5. RELAX: We infuse all our RELAX hemp bath bombs with grapefruit essential oils and the sweet scent of warm vanilla sugar.
  6. RELIEVE: Our RELIEVE series contains a tangerine essential oil that we specially designed to add a soothing citrus scent to your bath.

Try Our Hemp Bath Salts Today

Kamba Wellness CBD bath salts contain 50 mg of premium quality CBD isolates with various scents and essential oils for a unique soaking experience.

  1. REFRESH: We combine coconut oil and ylang-ylang essential oil with our special CBD isolates. 
  2. RELAX: Our RELAX CBD bath salts contain shea butter for moisture and sandalwood essential oil to enjoy a deep, woody aroma.
  3. RELIEVE: Soak your body with our RELIEVE bath salts infused with premium CBD isolates, wintergreen, and peppermint essential oils.
  4. REPAIR: Kamba Wellness REPAIR CBD bath salts combine tea tree essential oils with high-quality CBD isolates. Buy a bag and try this fan-favorite CBD bath product.
  5. RESTORE: The bergamot and helichrysum essential oils in our RESTORE formula combines shea butter and Himalayan pink salt.

What Do Our Bath Bombs & Salts Do?

  • May Help You Relax: We infused our CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts with our aromas to ensure you can soak with your favorite sent. Combining the best CBD isolate formula with essential oils, you get to experience your bath in a whole new way. You may also enjoy adding CBD aromatherapy products to your bath.
  • May Relieve Tension & Pain: Kamba Wellness CBD bath products may be great for unwinding after a stressful day. Our CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts contain high-quality CBD isolates. We also carry our hemp cream for pain, for an exterior application if baths aren’t for you.
  • May Restores Your Skin: Our hemp-to-home bath bombs include essential oils that may help promote skin healing. We also have hemp bath salts with the same formula that are compatible with sensitive skin types.
  • & More: We designed our CBD bath products for an enjoyable bath time. Choose between six unique fragrances of CBD bath bombs and five unique formulas of CBD bath salts for your next home spa day.

Visit our online store today to buy our top-quality CBD bath products. From hemp bath bombs to hemp oil bath salts, Kamba Wellness will elevate your bath into a luxurious home spa day with our CBD bath products.

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